Side event 5: Implementation of the Water Sector Reform in the Republic of Tajikistan

Time: 20/06/2018 — 13:10-14:10

Venue: Kokhi Somon, New hall, 2nd Floor

Organizers: Ministry of Energy and Water Resources of the Republic of Tajikistan



Ensuring food and environment security as well as providing the sustainable growth in various sectors of economy depends currently on effective management of water resources. In this respect, and taking into account growing need in more effective and sustainable water resource management formate, being aware of the existing problems in the water sector of the country alongside with the strive to introduce advanced globally acknowledged institutional and legal management mechanisms, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan had made decision to reform water sector in the Republic of Tajikistan. To implement the water sector reform, the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan had approved the Water Sector Reform Program for the period 2016 — 2025 by the Resolution # 791 as of 30 December 2015.

Key objectives of the reform are:

  1. Ensuring water supply to all water users;
  2. Achieving economically effective and environmentally sustainable water resource management;
  3. Improving water resource management through introduction of comprehensive basin and integrated water resource management (IWRM).

The side event is aimed to discuss the issues related to water reform implementation throughout the Republic of Tajikistan and in individual basin areas, as well as issues related to the experience of other countries in the field of water sector reform.