Practical Information

Date and venue

High Level International Conference on the International Decade for Action “Water for Sustainable Development” 2018-2028 will be held on 20-22 June 2018 in Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan. The Conference will be convened at “Kokhi Somon” (“Somon Palace”), Government Residence located at 122 Rudaki avenue.



Online registration for participants is open on the Conference official website:

Deadline for registration is 8 June 2018, 12:00 UTC.


Visa Support

To travel to Tajikistan, participants need to obtain entry visa. Since visa for official delegates of the Conference is free of charge, participants need to apply to the Tajik diplomatic or consular missions in the point of departure or to the Conference Secretariat to facilitate visa issuance upon arrival of the guest in airport. They have to present a Visa Support Letter or an official invitation on behalf of the Government of Tajikistan.

Exception is citizens of those countries which on the basis of bilateral and multilateral agreements are allowed to enter Tajikistan without visa.

Citizens of some countries listed on the website of the Tajik Ministry of Foreign Affairs (consular issues) can obtain visa in a simplified manner at Dushanbe International Airport upon presenting a Visa Support Letter or an official invitation that should be obtained from the organizers in advance.

A Visa Support Letter and invitation will be sent to participants upon their request.

The Tajik visa may be also obtained online by visiting MoFA Tajikistan website.

More detailed information is available on the website of the MoFA of the Republic of Tajikistan  .



Regular international flights operate to the Dushanbe International Airport from the following large cities: Almaty, Bishkek, Dubai, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Kabul, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Tehran, Urumqi, Tashkent etc. Detailed information about flights is available on the website of the Dushanbe International Airport:

Air transportation is carried out both, by national and international carriers:


Arrival at the airport

Upon arrival at Dushanbe International Airport pick up of participants (a shuttle car) from the airport to the hotels will be arranged by the Conference Secretariat.



Participants are responsible for booking hotel rooms. Expenses related to hotel accommodation should be covered by participants, unless otherwise specified. Information on the hotels in Dushanbe is available in the Internet.

Information on accommodation of the official delegations will be forwarded to them additionally upon receiving confirmation on participation and composition of the delegation.


Security Issues

All participants, exhibitors and media representatives have to register and get badges in order to have access to the Conference venue. Registration and issuance of badges will take place on 18-19 June 2018 from 08:00 till 20:00 hours at the National Library of Tajikistan located at 5 Tehron str.

For participants arriving early morning on 20 June registration will be organized at “Kokhi Somon”, Government Residence located at 122 Rudaki avenue.


Accreditation of Media Representatives

To obtain accreditation for covering the High-Level International Conference and the accompanying the conference events, media representatives arriving in Dushanbe need to send in advance the following information to the e-mail addresses: and

  1. A letter on official letter-head paper signed by the senior management of the concrete mass media (name of the correspondent, technical staff, etc.);
  2. Photo 3,5х4 sm, 300 dpi, in JPEG format;
  3. Full name of the media representative;
  4. Name of the meda, country and position;
  5. A copy of the passport;
  6. A correspondent’s resume;
  7. An official address of the agency and e-mail address.

Deadline for submission of applications for accreditation is 11 June 2018. For more details please contact Information Department of the MoFA Tajikistan, (+992 37) 221-43-53, (+992 37) 221-43-69; факс (+992 37) 221-02-59.


Local Transportation

Public transport in Dushanbe includes buses, trolley-busses, mini-buses and taxi. Taxi is widely available in the city and relatively low cost.

Transportation of the participants from the hotels “Tajikistan”, “Hayatt Regency Dushanbe”, Serena”, “Sheraton”, “Atlas” and “Asia Grand”  to the Conference venue and back will be arranged within the fixed timetable.



The state language of the Republic of Tajikistan is Tajik. There are also languages of other nationalities and people residing in Tajikistan.

The working languages of the Conference are Tajik, English and Russian. Simultaneous translation will be provided.


Currency Exchange

Official currency in Tajikistan is Somoni (TJS). Information about rates is available on the website of the National Bank of Tajikistan ( Exchange rate at 01.04.2018:

1 US$ – 8,81 TJS;

1 Euro – 10,87 TJS.

Currency exchange offices are available in banks, hotels and at the airport. ATMs are available in most banks, hotels and shopping centers.



The climate in Dushanbe is continental subtropical, with dry and hot summers. In June, the air can heat up to 35-390 C in daytime.


Local time

Dushanbe is located on the time zone GMT+5.


Telephone Calling

To make an international telephone call from Dushanbe, it is necessary to dial international access code, then code of the called country, code of the city and phone number of a called person.

To make an international call to Dushanbe, it is necessary to dial international access code, then code of Tajikistan (992), code of Dushanbe (37) or code of the mobile operator (e.g. 918. 90. 91, 93, etc.) and phone number of a called person. For example: (+992 37) 236 – 06 – 79.



Electrical circuit voltage in Tajikistan 220 V with frequency 50 Hz. Plugs of your electrical equipment, charger may not match the power outlet, therefore, an adaptor will be needed.