Main provisions

The international exhibition «Water for Sustainable Development » will be  organized in the days of the High Level International Conference on the implementation of the International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development».

Dates: 20-21 June 2018

Venue: State complex “Kokhi Somon”

Exhibition theme: “Water for  sustainable development”



The objective of the exhibition is to promote awareness of the effective implementation of the International Decade for Action «Water for Sustainable Development, 2018-2028», by demonstrating the measures planned for the decade,  best practices and scientific achievements in the field of water resources. The exhibition is also aimed at further strengthening and developing cooperation between interested parties, introducing innovative methods, techniques and technologies for sustainable water resources management. In addition, the exhibition is aimed at establishing close business ties between various stakeholders.


Theme of the Exhibition

The exhibition will be held under the general theme «Water for sustainable development». It will focus on the implementation of the Plan of Action of the International Decade for Action, 2018-2028, sustainable development and integrated water resources management for achieving social, economic and environmental objectives, cooperation in the water sector at the local, regional and international levels, rational use of water resources, reduction of water-related disaster risks, the impact of climate change on water resources, etc.


Prospective of provision of Exhibition stands

Participants in the exhibition can be international and regional organizations, national ministries and departments, public organizations, private companies, academic and research institutions.


Terms of provision of Exhibition stands

Each applicant is provided with one booth for free. In case of necessity, additional space or exhibition stands can be provided on a fee basis. The cost and procedure of provision of additional space will be negotiated.


Specification of Exhibition stands

There are three types of standard exhibition booths: Type A with an area of  9m2 (3×3), Type B with an area of 8 m2 (4×2) and Type C – with an area of 10m2 (5×2). Set of an standard exhibition booth includes (for all types):

  • booth;
  • table – 1 unit;
  • chair – 2 units;
  • caret (kovralin)
  • spot –lamp – 4 units;
  • electric socket – 1 unit;
  • wastebasket – 1 unit;

Schemes of stands are attached (Appendix 1).



Exhibitors shall fill in the Application Form for participation at the exhibition and submit it to the Conference Secretariat before 31 May 2018. The Secretariat will notify the Exhibitor on acceptance of  the application within 5 days after the submission.


Placement of Exhibition stands

Stands will be placed at the exhibition pavilion with regard to their configuration and exhibited materials. The Conference Secretariat will inform exhibitors about the location of their stand by 7 June 2018.


Requirements for placeent and reoval of exhibits

Exhibitors should set their exhibits (decorate stands) before 18 June 2018. Removal of exhibits is permitted only after the Conference (22 June 2018).



Exhibitors should take care of their exhibits and minimize the risk of damage and deterioration of the exhibits. Conference Secretariat is not responsible for spoilage, damage and other defects, caused by the exhibitors.


Other matters

Exhibitors provide the Secretariat with the text that should be placed on the apron of the stand. Inscriptions on the stands (Name Plate) are performed by the Secretariat free of charge.

If necessary, Conference Secretariat can provide exhibitors with additional equipment for free. Cost and provision procedure can be discussed additionally.