On June 22, foreign participants of the conference will be invited to the excursions, which will be organized simultaneously in three directions:

Nurek HPP;

Rogun HPP (only for heads of delegations);

Hissar fortress.

The place of departure to the excursions is hotel “Tajikistan”. At 8:30 am, buses will be waiting for participants from “Government Dacha”, “Hyatt Regency Dushanbe”, “Serena Dushanbe” and “Sheraton” hotels to take them to the hotel “Tajikistan”. Departure of the tour buses will be at 9:00 am.

Participants who wish to join the excursions should inform about their choice of one of the directions by e-mail to Ms. Shohina Mahmudova  or register at the registration Desk at the National library of Tajikistan on 18-19 June, which is located in Dushanbe, Tehran Street from 8:00 to 20: 00.